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Our mission is to transform your recruitment experience, helping you get the best-fit professionals in terms of experience, skills, abilities, knowledge, industry exposure, workplace culture, and philosophy. Outsourcing is an agreement in which a company hires another to be responsible for a planned or existing activity. We take up the challenge of sourcing the most suited manpower for your industries just as a partner. We try to increase the productivity of the recruitment process at an incredibly low cost. You can be at ease after hiring our services. The complete services would be a responsible and accountable exercise.


We operate through a network of our worldwide teams, with specialists in recruitment for different industries. With teams on four continents. When you partner with us for your manpower requirements, you benefit from establishing best practices in staffing and managerial recruitment leading to enhanced outcomes such as access to rich talent pools, closure of positions within short time frames, seamless recruitment process management, and optimized recruitment cost savings.




Reducing costs is one of the main reasons why many organizations choose to hire a Recruitment Agency. A disjointed or badly coordinated recruitment process can lead to a negative outcome, prolong time per hire, and burn cash. Recruitment agencies prevent this scenario from happening. They are specialized in this specific field and bound to drive positive results. Outsourced Recruiters will analyze your current needs and detect potential hiring struggles that might cause adverse consequences on the budget.

When a position remains unfilled, the company suffers severely unwelcome end results. The budget would primarily be in the line of fire in this case. This way, you won’t be having an entire internal department with too much time on their hands during those periods when recruiting needs drop.

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Our Services




We look into what clients look forth for B- Level, C- Level; or D- level superstars at their location. Our team is aware of the competition is fierce for talent profiles. Every company is unique in being committed, productive, and valuable employees but Dzire Services along with it, we monitor the trends in workforce mobility, skills in demand, and we ensure clients that we have the most current systems in place to allow us to source and match the right people for the right roles


Dzire is seen with the client’s requirement and process of providing required candidates for long-term employment based on specified candidate factors give our team and challenging task to reach it. Dzire Services takes charge of finding, filtering, interviewing, and placing the required talent in the organization.

Through the accurate mapping of the interests of both our clients as well as our candidates, our professional consultants will handle the multi-stage process of recruitment. As a corporate partner to clients, we source qualified professionals to help enhance the client’s human capital on the one hand; we help individuals optimize their career choices. With our extensive local and international network and fully digitalized sourcing approach, we source the best candidate for any role.

Dzire HR team looks beyond the expectation of clients, to find the ideal candidate – the one who not only has the right skill set but who fits the client company culture. Out team work for quick hires and painless onboarding of profiles for the client. Our experienced, efficient permanent recruitment team is standing by to take the frustration and expense of recruitment off your hands.

Dzire Services work for executive search of all C-Level, B-Level, and D-Level recruitment for our clients. We have an experienced and talented team who can make it easy for our clients.



Dzire Services is the future of staffing, where we deliver the flexible solutions you need, at a specific time. We handle search and selection, HR, payroll staffing. It’s the quickest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to ramp up your company’s capacity and capabilities.



Long Term Staffing solution of Dzire Services opens its client's business to a virtually infinite global talent pool. And while the client company workforce takes care of their business, we’ll take care of their workforce, moving tedious back-end functions like HR and payroll off your hands.

Our clients save up to 30% on operating costs and gain access to visionary market intelligence and world-class resource management expertise.


Short Term Staffing solution of Dzire Services gives clients the flexibility to scale their workforce up or down to precisely meet their current requirements. We’ll deliver short-term candidates who are ideally qualified for the positions clients need to fill, just when clients need to fill them – whether it’s a task-specific hire, Flexi-staffing, or meeting a surge in business demand.

Dzire Services gives its client access to a world of specialist talent, along with the expertise needed to source exactly the right candidates for you. 


Dzire Services being the third party employment or outsourcing agency Dzire Services provides recruitment or HR services to tour clients. We fill in and take on some of the tasks of an in-house HR department like recruitment, payroll, and employee relations. By choosing third-party payroll services from Dzire Services you literally wash your hands of, among others, paying salaries, managing compliances, remitting payroll taxes, maintaining payroll software, and generating reports for in-house use. Everything is taken care of; freeing time and resources for you to accelerate business growth

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